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Remember Peoples Names - Remembering peoples names might be the most effective skill in building relationships and networking. Anyone can memorize a roomful of names in just minutes!

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Our Memorization Articles are full of great tips, techniques, and tricks that allow anyone to increase their brain power, develop photographic imagery for any amount of data, and how to translate this into personal development. Some of the articles range from simple things that will allow you to master as soon as you read them, others are a bit more advanced and require some practice.

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Memorizing US State Capitals

Memorizing all 50 state capitals is not as hard as it seems. In fact it can be done within a single hour, memorized forwards and backwards in whatever order you desire.

In this lesson we are going to use a basic link strategy that will allow you to recall any of the state capitals given the state.

You will find that linking the 50 states with their capitals is fairly simple. Just as simple, is memorizing the States and their Capitals in a particular order, however this will be addressed in a different lesson.

Learn more on how to Memorizing all 50 US State Capitals.

Memorize US States

If you haven't read our last article about memorizing the 50 US state capitals, we taught how to link a capital to it's state. For instance if you were given the state Alabama your mind would immediately recall that it's capital is Montgomery.

In this article we are going to do a similar memorizing technique which will allow you to memorize all 50 U.S states in alphabetical order right off the top of your head, as simple as saying your ABC's.

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Memorize Deck of Playing Cards

In a standard deck of playing cards, there are 52 cards in total. With four suits of 13 different cards, it can seem difficult to remember only your poker hand at a quick glance.

Picture are at a party and there is a deck of cards on the table. Picking them up while gathering your crowd, you shuffle all 52 cards, then memorize half of them in just under 30-40 seconds. When finished you pass half of the cards to one friend and the other half of the deck to someone else. Without looking you can immediately...

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Remember Peoples Names

Are you one of those people that forgets other peoples names as soon as you meet them? Remembering names can be very difficult because normally a persons name does not have any meaning or significance that allows you to remember it.

Remembering people's names is one of the most requested memory training techniques...

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Memorize Books of Bible

Need a verse in the Bible to encourage someone or yourself? Memorizing the books of the Bible make it much easier to recall quotes and passages for real life situations.

As large as the bible is, it is not all that hard to memorize. In fact, if you read our more advanced memory techniques, you can learn how to recall any page of a book or magazine and cite...

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