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Phonetic Alphabet - Memorizing Numbers

Quick Notes - Phonetic Alphabet:
  • Memorize the phonetic alphabet and you will use it to memorize numbers for the rest of your life.

Using the Phonetic Alphabet for remembering numbers is a simple memorization strategy that only takes a few minutes to learn and you will use it for the rest of your life.

The Phonetic Alphabet

To be able to remember a long number, you must first learn the phonetic alphabet. Each number in the phonetic alphabet (0-9) symbolizes a sound:

0 - has a Z, S or a soft C sound
1 - has a T or D sound
2 - has a N sound
3 - has a M sound
4 - has a R sound
5 - has a L sound
6 - has a sh or ch sound
7 - has a K, hard C, or hard G sound
8 - has a F, V, or ph sound
9 - has a B or P sound

Take some time to memorize the phonetic alphabet. You will want to be able to recite it easily before you can begin to use it. After you can recite the phonetic alphabet smoothly, it is time to start associating your numbers to words or images. Our article on memorizing numbers will teach you exactly how to do this. You will soon be able to remember a phone number or any long number the first time you hear it.